About / Review Policy

About Me
Hi! My name's Rachel. I live in New Zealand (one of the best places in the world!) and have been a passionate reader my entire life. Along with attending a regular book club I decided to share my love of books online. My favourite genres are Historical Fiction, Classics and Literary Fiction.

The book club I attend is a little different to most; rather than all reading the same book and talking about it, every month we get together and each bring a book we have read and are willing to share with the group. After everyone has reviewed their books they all go into the pile and we take turns borrowing the books we would love to read. The next time we bring back the books we have borrowed and review them for the next person to borrow and bring a new book to add to the pile. It is a great way to share books among friends and to try books that you might not normally pick up off the shelf.

Review Policy
I am open to receiving review copies of books from publishers, agents or authors. However please take note of my review policy.

I am currently unable to accept digital copies, eBooks, unbound or audio books.

I will provide an unbiased, personal opinion of any book I review and will not be influenced if the book has been provided as a free review copy. My ratings are a simple Read It or Skip It and I will review all books equally.

I am unable to provide specific timeframes for any book reviews however as long as the book fits within my preferred genres I will endeavour to provide an honest review on my blog.

I cannot return nor reimburse books sent whether they are reviewed or not. Books sent that are not in my preferred genre and are not reviewed will be donated to charity organisations.

The following is a sample of genres I enjoy and will happily review: Historical Fiction, Classics, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Chick-lit, Translated/International Fiction, Travel Fiction/Non-Fiction, Multi-cultural Fiction/Non-Fiction.

The following is a sample of genres I will not review: YA, Childrens, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Romance, Erotica, Adult-Only, Thriller, Horror, Comics, Graphic Novel, Crime

The following is a sample of genres I am unlikely to review unless it also fits into my preferred genres: Mystery, Fantasy, Autobiographical

At this stage I am also not accepting giveaways on behalf of publishers.

If you wish to contact me please feel free to do so at ragoblogger (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading! xx Rachel