Wednesday, 14 March 2012

It's not quite Monday but here's what I'm reading

Okay so I completely missed this weeks Monday meme post for It's Monday. What are you Reading? but I just really want to update you on where I'm at so you get an extra Wednesday post instead.

I've just read  A Visit From the Good Squad (Jennifer Egan) which was quite different to what I thought it would be so I think I'm going to have fun trying to write up a review of that one. It's just very different which is quite cool. It's good to get out of my comfort zone! And now I've just started Rosetta (Barbara Ewing). I've read two of her books so far The Fraud and The Mesmerist and they were fantastic so very happy to get my hands on this one.

So now I need to start looking at my 2012 challenges and start reading some of the books on my list. It's very easy to get distracted with books you pick up at second hand book shops. So after Rosetta I'm going to pick up one on my challenge list. I'll let you know which one I decide.