Monday, 3 September 2012

It's Monday. What are you reading? 03 September 2012

It's Monday. What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey to outline what you have been reading and what you plan to read this week.

Very busy week and the weather outside is horrid which is doing nothing to help my mood. Roll on summer! It feels like a lifetime ago that I was doing this:

This week I finished The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (Anne Bronte) so expect a review to pop up soon.

I also had book club last week where I picked up two new books:

Good Omens (Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett)
and.... cough cough... um..... Fifty Shades of Grey.....
Yes okay I know! I don't know why I'm going to do it to myself. I hated Twilight and despise over-hyped mass marketed books. However the reason I can feel 100% comfortable for giving Twilight as much crap as I can is because I have read the book (only the first one mind you - attempting the whole series would have been torture). So how can I accurately say if Fifty Shades is a terrible book if I have never read it?! I am very torn with this. Am I doing the right thing? Should I go against my personal feelings towards these kinds of books so I can objectively review it? But could I ever be objective towards a book I'm pre-disposed to dislike? And even more horrifying... what if I actually like it and everything I ever thought about myself as a reader comes into question?! Oh the dilemma.

On the upside I read the first page of Good Omens to see if it would be my kind of thing, started giggling away to myself on the author introduction alone and two chapters later I had to wrench myself away as I realised I was going to love it and I better hurry up with Bronte so I could really sink my teeth into it. I've just started it properly and I'm trying to work out if it is unethical to throw a sick day so I can read it all in one go?! Hmm... yeah maybe not a great idea... Go on tell me have you ever called in sick to read a book?

Also a little music for you this week

This week's top 3 in my profile:
The Tallest Man On Earth - 1904
Emily Jane White - Black Silk
Keaton Henson - To Your Health

Plus a couple of songs from a new band I've just come across

Madera - Don't Think Twice by Bob Dylan

Madera - House of the Rising Sun by The Animals