Thursday, 19 January 2012

Botswana Time (Will Randall)

Title: Botswana Time
Author: Will Randall
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Abacus
Pages: 288
Source: Book club borrowed
Genre: Travel
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Botswana Time follows Randall as he finds himself teaching a class of young children at The River of Life school in Botswana. Full of football antics, school trips and animal encounters it is the perfect kind of read for long summer days.

Surprisingly funny I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and anecdotes in this little travel novel. The descriptions of Botswana are simply stunning and he helps recreate not just a place but a culture and a way of living that you wouldn't encounter on a tourist bus ride through Africa. He goes into great detail about the kids that he teaches and who they are, their passion for football and travelling around different schools even when they barely win. The little kid who tires easily and has a 'break' and promptly falls asleep during each game is so cute.

It is a fast read and one that is very hard to put down. This isn't his first novel having written books set in India and The Solomon Islands which I would be more than happy to source out and read. Highly recommend.

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