Friday, 18 November 2011

2012 Challenges

So far I haven't been interested in participating in any blog community challenges. Mainly because I like the idea of being able to pick out whatever I feel like reading at the time, not because I feel like I have to read something.

But two challenges have come to my attention that just sound too good not to participate in them. So I've decided to take on these two as my first EVER blog community challenges! Yay how exciting!

The first is Back to the Classics Challenge 2012 hosted by Sarah Reads Too Much. Now this one should be pretty self explanatory. Most of you would have seen my own personal 100 Book Challenge list and know how fond I am of reading classic literature. So it seems this challenge was made for me! Essentially I'm going to do my best to fit some books from my own challenge list into the assigned categories. This will really help make some progress on those must read books!

The second is the Mixing It Up Challenge 2012 hosted by Musings of a Bookshop Girl. This one appeals simply because I love the idea of branching out and trying different genres. For this challenge you can decide what level you want to do so I originally thought I would only do a few because I really didn't like the idea of attempting Horror but you know what? the point of this is to challenge myself so I'm going to do the whole kit and caboodle! Yep that's right all 16 categories! Oh sheesh what am I getting myself into?!

So I will post my full challenge lists very soon, I've just got to spend a little time working out exactly which books I want to put into each category. I'll keep you posted!