Monday, 5 December 2011

It's Monday. What are you reading? 05 Dec 2011

It's Monday. What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey to outline what you have been reading and what you plan to read this week.

So I just finished Angela's Ashes on the weekend and I loved it. It's a fantastic book so check out my full review. For my next book I've picked up Wide Sargasso Sea (Jean Rys) which tells the story of the wife of Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre. I'm incredibly intrigued to see how this story will develop and I have to say there is something really cool about reading a classic about a classic!

The edition I have is full of introductory text and reference notes. In fact there are like 7 references on the first page alone! I got over that real quick so I've decided I'm just going to read it through and then have a look through the notes and summary later. I think I'll enjoy the story more that way.

I'm curious about one other thing. Do you tend to write your reviews while you're reading the book or after? You see I struggled a lot with the Angela's Ashes review because while I was reading the book there was all this stuff I wanted to talk about and then afterwards looking back it had all completely gone out of my head. I think that happens a lot with me. While reading a book I have all these thoughts I want to share but after I finish I just want to get onto the next book! So I think I'm going to try writing up thoughts while I'm reading a book and see how that goes. When do you guys tend to write your reviews?

It's December now and the countdown to Christmas is on! I have a stack of borrowed books I hope to finish by the end of the year (or at least by the end of my Christmas/New Years break) so that I can start next year on the stack of classics I have waiting in the wings! Can't wait.

Oh yeah! And every week I get to read a few Mailbox Monday posts along with this Monday meme but I haven't participated yet because I haven't received anything in the Mail! I haven't ordered any books in so long as I have a huge TBR list on my shelf and the rest I've been getting from book club, the library and second hand book shops. But last week I received my first ever book by a publisher to be reviewed on this site. That is very exciting to me because now I feel like a real book blogger! It's an incredible milestone I have to say. So the book is called Enjoy Every Sandwich: Living each day as if it were your last (Lee Lipsenthal) and is the story of Lipsethal as he faces death after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I think this got sent to me because I really enjoyed tuesdays with Morrie and I am looking forward to reading this one although I think it might be quite different. I also have to say that the cover is so beautiful. It was a real delight opening my little package. So thanks to Crown Archetype for the copy.