Friday, 25 May 2012

I'm One!

Guess what. It's my first birthday! Oh yes, you heard that right, Books In the Sun turns one today and like any one year old I'm still finding my feet. It's been a fun year though and I have no regrets at all about starting this journey.

I have already met some fantastic people in the blogger community, am on twitter (I never thought that would happen!), have reviewed a lot of books and have challenged myself a few times along the way. I'm still learning, still trying to find my own individual style in all this and I'm excited to see how things will change over the next year.

Making my way through the classics is still my ultimate goal and I've only just begun to explore them. The two major challenges helping me with that goal is my 100 Book Challenge listing some of the greatest books of all time and the newly created The Classics Club which will see me reading 50 classics first published before 1900. There are some heavy weights in both of those lists with War and Peace, Les Misérables and A Suitable Boy all included within the longest novels ever written. So I'm going to be sticking around for awhile.

I did my first ever read-a-long of The Woman in White organised by Alice at Reading Rambo and I can't wait to participate in some more this year including starting Ulysses (James Joyce) on Bloomsday (16th June).

In the past year I have reviewed 26 fiction books and 10 non-fiction books which averages to 3 books a month. Not a huge amount in the blogger world but I do things at my own pace and well I encourage everyone to do the same. It doesn't matter if it takes you 6 months to read a book, the point is you're reading and I respect anyone who goes and picks up a book.

I want to say a quick thank you to all of my readers for supporting and encouraging me in the past year and a big shout out to my book club girls. Thanks for reading!