Wednesday, 15 June 2011

100 Book Challenge

A few weeks back I came across the book list challenge on facebook . Essentially it was to see how many of the greatest books of all time you had read. Sadly I didn't do as well as I would have liked. So I thought wouldn't it be great to actually challenge myself to read them all! Hence my 100 book challenge.

After looking into the list further and reading about this supposed 100 book list from BBC I found that is was an unofficial list and it was likely taken from the BBC Big Read 100 list but with a few more american authors thrown in. So I decided to put the two of them together and get it to a list of 100 books I wanted to read. Mostly I removed the children's books (I've read them all as a child) and fantasy books (not really my thing). And here is my final 100 book list. I have to admit some of them I have already read so I will do an update in the next post and review each one. Then as I read each new book I will write a review. I won't be doing the thumbs up or thumbs down for the 100 book challenge because lets face it, all of these books are on this list for a reason!

I also haven't given myself a time frame for this as it is a personal challenge which I want to enjoy rather than stress over. I also won't be reading them in order, as I will need to read them as I find copies (thankfully most of the classics should be easily obtained from my local library). I wonder what I'll pick as my first read?!

How many of my list have you read?