Sunday, 26 June 2011

Farewell to the East End (Jennifer Worth)

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Farewell To The East End - The Last Days of the East End Midwives

The third and final book in the series by Jennifer Worth which takes you into London's East End in the 1950s when Jennifer worked there as a young midwife. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books; Call The Midwife and Shadows of the Workhouse and was eager to complete the series with this book.

Unfortunately I found this book not nearly as good as the first two. This book seemed to be simply an amalgamation of all the little stories that didn't make it into the first two books, resulting in it jumping around a lot and many of the stories seemed out of place.

There was only one story that really stuck with me out of this book and to be honest I wish she had simply included that story in one of the first books along with the summary of what happened to all the other midwives and nuns later in life and kept it to two books that were a bit longer in content. If you haven't read the first two yet than I highly recommend you do, they are brilliant. If you have read the first two you may decide to read this one anyway just for a bit of closure but you won't miss much if you decide not to.