Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Book Hop

Book Blogger Hop
This is my first ever book blogger hop so be kind with me if I get this wrong. I first found this on http://crazy-for-books.com/ but this week it is being hosted over at Lori's reading corner.

Question: Who is the author that you are dying to meet?
I am so torn as I have two! I would love to meet Diana Gabaldon as she has written my favourite book series of all time Cross Stitch (Outlander). But I would also love to meet Markus Zusak as The Book Thief is the most haunting book I have ever read and I think he would have some amazing stories to tell.

Okay this is a lot of fun. I'll have to try and do this every week! Now I'm off to find some other great book blogs! See ya.