Friday, 3 June 2011

I started this blog as a little bit of an experient. I didn't know if I would enjoy blogging but I wanted an opportunity to improve my writing skills and to talk about some of the things that interested me. This is only my second week and already I need a change. I read a few things before I started this to get some advice and one of the suggestions was to remove comments as they take a lot of time to respond to, you can get a lot of non-supportive replies and only a small percentage of people reading a blog actually comment. So that is where I started but I have learned one small crucial part that was missing. I want to know what people are thinking, I want to know if others agree with the books I like and the ones I don't. And I want the opportunity to find other blogs out there that I can follow. So I'm changing things up and along with my book review posts I'm going to be including a few more personal posts to tell you about the things I want to read, the kind of genres I like and just anything else book related I can think of.

I really hope you enjoy reading my reviews and feel free to let me know if you have a site I should check out!

p.s. I also found the original colour I picked looked bright yellow on some monitors instead of the warm colour I was trying to go for. So I've changed the colours around again. Hopefully will make for more pleasant reading.