Tuesday, 3 April 2012

And so it beings.. The Woman in White readalong

Excitement reigns supreme at my house right now as I bounce around like a little school girl because the readalong has begun! I have wanted to read The Woman in White for months now, ever since it was brought along to my UK bookclub but somehow I missed out on it when it did the borrowing rounds. And yet I know so little about this book which is such a contradiction. So apparently no ghosts (poo!) but I think I have purposely avoided finding out anything so I can be happily surprised when I read it for reals.

My version has a whole lotta intro stuff at the beginning which of course I've skipped right over because I don't want it to reveal even the slightest bit of plot so I can go into this knowing nothing. I love my ignorance.

And aha I'm reading from my beautiful cloth-bound edition and somehow it just makes it that much better. Classics should be read in hardcover wherever possible - even better if they are old, stained and smell like musty libraries.

As for Wilkie - who couldn't love a male writer who can grow such a beard? Writing genius is all about the beard isn't it?!