Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Woman in White Readalong Part Deux

I don't want to stop and write this post, there's too much fantastic reading to be done! I was so excited that this section had Marian's narrative and I was not disappointed. I heart Marian so much. She is such a strong minded, determined woman who saves dogs from boathouses. Who wouldn't love her?!

We get to meet Count Fosco and what a character. A big fat man who wears crazy waistcoats? Definitely not what I expected. Add to that that he looks like Napoleon and has a love of animals including a bunch of mice and birds for pets? Seriously would never have guessed a character like that appearing ever. But I just don't know what to make of him and I'm not the only one, Marian was all like besotted and entranced when they first met and then it all changed and now she is deeply disturbed by him. I had a really similar experience at first I thought sweet a good guy who is going to back up the girls and put Percival in his place, but no he has to be all sneaky and spyish and I just don't know where it's going. I'm so excited.

And his wife?! What a good little obedient assistant she is, rolling his cigarettes and holding up Marian so the Count can be all dastardly. I want to just scream at the page "look out Marian they're being all sneaky".

Finally Sir Percival's true nature is revealed. He's an angry angry broke man who just married for money. To be honest I saw that all coming with the whole marriage settlement section setting up for that but I didn't expect him to get all 'you are my wife and you will obey me and sign this document' and I definitely didn't expect a new Laura with some balls going 'woah no stuff that'. Yea you go girl! Finally Laura gets interesting. Now tell me your Secret Sir Percival!!

Don't know what to make of that dream stuff. At first I was like oh no a dream, don't like it, and then afterwards I was all - wow I so want to know what's going on with Hartright right now. And the ending of this section? I wouldn't have been able to stop at the originally planned stopping point if I had tried. Oh Marian what has happened to you?! And the update in the diary by Count Fosco? - Pure Genius. Give me more!