Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Woman in White Readalong Part Un

Oh Wilkie, you and your fantastic beard do not disappoint. You have me already throwing around phrases like "I'm off to have my forenoon cup of tea" and "oh those brats, I agree with Mr. Fairlie we need a reform in the construction of children" (as I glare at the noisy neighbourhood kids out my window). Such fun!

Quick disclaimer this is my first post as part of The Woman in White readalong and as such please expect complete plot revelations and in depth discussions so you have been warned and if you keep reading you only have yourself to blame!

So the first part has us reading the Preface through to the End of Hartright's Narrative. Seriously Preface's are weird. Especially 1860 prefaces. Enough said.

Right off the bat we're thrown Mr. Pesca who has got to be one of the best short lived characters ever. With his "this man of phlegm and money" and his "the immortal fire of genius burns in this Englishman's bosom". Oh Mr. Pesca please come back.

And then we have the pleasure of meeting Marian Halcombe and what an awesome chick she is! Not one of your wimpy, flaccid Victorian woman but a tough nut who speaks her mind. I think all of us in this readalong are slowly falling in love with her. Team Marian! It seems her awesomeness was lost on Mr. Hartright who predictably falls for the beautiful but oh so boring Miss. Fairlie. Oh well no great loss there. Can't say Mr. Hartright is anything special really. Hope I'm not the only one thinking that. Certainly no swoon worthy characteristics in sight.

We of course can't forget about Mr. Fairlie who locks himself up in his room for his nerves, calls his servants asses and who is completely self obsessed. His exchanges are priceless.

And there was a ghost! Even if it was just some silly little kid mistaking a woman in white to be a ghostly apparition. Oh well we'll take it! Anyone else a bit put off by this whole similarity between Miss. Fairlie and Miss. Catherick? I'm sitting there thinking long lost sisters, cousins? Separated at birth? Secretly they're the same person? Oh all of these possibilities are a little depressing for me. Please be a spectacular reason that wants me to throw the book in the air with joy!

And so we come to the end of our first pass as Mr. Hartright has hightailed it outta there after his little puppy dog eyes over Miss. Fairlie don't go unnoticed and all this letter writing mystery stuff gets thrown over to the lawyer, a Mr. Gilmore, who I just can't help but think is going to be an even more boring character than Mr. Hartright. Oh but this Sir Percival Glyde, he just has to turn into an ass who I can hate with all my venom. I love a good villain. Please be a villain.

Until next time....