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Bossypants (Tina Fey)

(BOSSYPANTS ) BY Fey, Tina (Author) Compact Disc Published on (04 , 2011)Title: Bossypants
Author: Tina Fey
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Publication Date: 2011
Type: Audio Book
Read by: Tina Fey 
Source: Library
Genre: Autobiography
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This has been my first ever audio book so I wasn't sure whether I would like the format. However thanks to Tina Fey providing the reading for this fabulous audio version there really is no way not to love it. Bossypants provides an insight into the life and career of Tina Fey who, to be honest, I knew very little about. Well of course I knew who she was and her shows but didn't have much knowledge beyond that. In fact I have only ever seen one or two episodes of 30 Rock and only see the odd skit of SNL on youtube. So you can imagine I probably wasn't the original target audience for this book but you know what? I really enjoyed it!

I think having Tina Fey read the audio book was ingenious. I honestly don't think I would have liked this as much if it was anyone else and I'm actually pretty sure I wouldn't have liked reading the book as much either. Why? Well Tina injects a smattering of sarcasm that you simply would not be able to interpret through anyone else. I could actually imagine myself misinterpreting the tone of the book if I had read it because I wouldn't be able to hear the inflections in her voice. Also Tina throws in the odd voice impersonation of people she quotes and although she believes she is a terrible impressionist in comparison to others from SNL it really puts another level to this audio book.

In regards to the content I found some of it highly interesting and other parts down right funny. I'm sure I must have looked a little strange grinning to myself on the bus every morning. I'm simply thankful I didn't crack up laughing in such a public arena, I simply had to restrain myself a little bit. Tina couldn't help but include a few feminist analogies, obviously a discussion close to her heart and although she kept most of the book about her work and career she did throw in the odd deeply personal element such as the pressure and condescension she received from others when she decided to only have one child. You could tell she had a huge amount of respect for the variety of highly talented people she has had the pleasure of working with and often doesn't think herself in the same league. Yet I believe she thinks herself lucky to have the career that she has had. You really can tell she does this job because she loves it.

The only part I struggled a little with was the more detailed parts of SNL and 30 Rock skits as I haven't seen many of them but overall this was only a small part of the entire storyline. I also thought it was a brilliant idea to include the full audio of the SNL skit between Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hilary Clinton as it really brought context to that part of the audio book.

Overall I found this a funny, interesting and enjoyable insight into Tina Fey's career and would highly recommend this audio book to everyone.

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Bossypants by  Tina Fey

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