Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday New Read Roundup 28 Sept 2011

A weekly post to highlight new books added to my To Read list thanks to all those other great book bloggers out there.

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  1. I like a happy feel good book as much as the next person so when Shelley at Book Clutter described The Blue Castle (Lucy Maud Montgomery) as "warm apple crisp with vanilla-bean icecream" sweet it went straight on my list. Of course it also helped that the author wrote one of my favourite children's books (even I didn't read it till I was in my 20s!).
  2. When I read the review at The New Dork Review for The Lonely Polygamist (Brady Udall) I wasn't sure if I would put it on my list. It sounded like a good book but not the type of thing I would normally read. But I'm all about getting out of my comfort zone (and why else would I be reading book blogs if not to find new and different books out there?!) so I'm going to give this one a go.
  3. I have a confession to make. I have never read anything by Ernest Hemingway... does that make me strange? Either way this review at The Blue Bookcase has me wanting to give Hemingway a try. I may start with a short story or two first before moving onto the book reviewed (A Moveable Feast) but I'm looking forward to it.
  4. I miss London. I lived there for two and a half years and when I think about it I have a lot of fond memories. So reading the review of Victoria Line, Central Line (Maeve Binchy) at She Loves Reading about a series of stories about people travelling the London Underground I was transported right back to those memories and so I really want to read this book because of that.
What did you find this week?

If you want to create your own new read roundup post feel free to do so and post the link to your blog in the comments below. Happy reading everyone!